Why Choose the Assassin Brand to Represent You?

At Assassin, Product Quality and Customer Service Are Top Priority. This means that we follow up all sales and event enquiries to ensure the best has been done to provide the perfect experience.

Assassin Was Started By Athletes, For Athletes.

As an athlete-run business we understand what makes quality products and know what is expected from them.

Customisable Equipment.

We work in conjunction with local fabricators to provide equipment to suit your specific needs.

Personalised Experience.

We endeavour to meet everyone’s individual requirements to ensure a positive experience.

The Assassin Business

The Aim: To Supply The Fitness Industry With Top Quality Goods That Stand The Test Of Time.

To achieve our aim we combined vigorous sampling, testing and product review. Each of these steps is carried out to determine which products would provide the highest quality for the best possible price.

Rigorous Quality Control Measures

After thorough product testing, rigorous control measures were put in place to achieve the high standards that are expected by both the company and the customers.

Want to Talk Further?

If you'd like to discuss further, please reach out to us.