At Assassin Goods we believe that investing in top equipment is the most important aspect for the longevity of a business in the fitness. In addition we understand that as a new business it may not be realistic to obtain or invest that amount of capital in one payment. This being the case we decided to team up with Bluestar Leasing, a leading equipment financing company. Through Bluestar Leasing we can help you spread the cost of your equipment and make start-up costs more manageable.


  • Allows you to save capital for other situations, enabling better cash flow for you and your new business.
  • Quality leasing offers you the chance to give your customers the best experience with top equipment from day 1.
  • Simplicity and Flexibility; using Bluestar Leasing’s calculator you can quickly and easily workout your repayments and adapt it to suit your timescale and budget.
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