Warranty Information

General Warranty

All new items come with a standard warranty of 6 months. This covers, in basic terms, any problems caused by defects or abnormal issues due to manufacturing or production defects. General wear and tear, misuse, or improper storage are not covered. Please contact us to know specifics on each item if not already covered above. Ex-Competition (ex-comp), sale, or Ex-Display items do not come with a warranty.

Warranty on any item will be void if used incorrectly. If you are unsure how to use an item correctly, please contact our customer service at Info@assassingoods.com.

All warranty is parts replacement only, repair labour is not covered. we offer a repair service on site which can be carried out at a cost. Transport to and from site is not covered in the warranty.


Lifetime Aftercare and Support

We offer Lifetime Aftercare and Support on all our items. This includes direct support through Info@assassingoods.com, parts supply service, and a repair service where possible.

For Lifetime Aftercare and Support, items are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The service is designed for parts supply and assistance with any issues that may occur. Once the standard warranty expires, we cannot accept returns but will provide aftercare, support, and parts where possible.

Please note, specialist products and discontinued products will have limited support due to not actively stocking parts.

Band Warranty

Assassin Bands come with a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. It covers any manufacturing flaws causing the band(s) to break/split. General wear and tear is not covered. The maximum stretch should be 150% (1.5 times relaxed length).

Barbell Warranty and Care Information

Guidelines to Reduce the Likelihood of Barbell Damage:

  • Do not use any bar for rack pulls, as this increases the likelihood of lasting damage.
  • Avoid dropping a bar onto spotting arms (safeties) when squatting, as it can cause damage.
  • Never drop bars from a height; lower them to the ground in a controlled manner.
  • When doing overhead work, use quality rubber bumper plates and gym-specific flooring.
  • Commercial environments increase barbell damage; replace bars regularly in such settings.
  • Clean chalk from knurling daily and re-coat bars with a protective agent regularly to avoid rust.

Warranty Information:

  • Assassin barbell warranty covers bending of the shaft and knurling defects.
  • Warranty is valid with an order number/receipt for the purchasing customer only.
  • Barbells will be replaced or repaired upon receipt, at the customer's expense.
  • Warranty will be void if barbells are used improperly or stored incorrectly.

Bumper Plate Warranty

Assassin Bumper Plates come with a 5-year warranty for home use and 2-year commercial warranty. Warranty does not cover cosmetic flaws/defects that do not affect use. To qualify, bumpers must be used on gym-specific rubber matting. Outdoor use voids warranty.

Adjustable Dumbbell Warranty

Our standard warranty is 6 months but can be extended.

Warranty covers manufacturing defects only and does not include user error, misuse or wear and tear.

Adjustable dumbbells are not for commercial use or dropping.

Warranty is parts cover only. Repair and labour can be carried out in house at cost, transport to and from our site will not be covered.

Matting Warranty

Improper laying voids warranty. Always lay mats correctly and consider professional fitting.