A Plyometric box can be used for many movements, and is much more versatile than most people expect. Typically the two categories that the moments fit into are, Conventional and Unconventional.

Conventional Movements
Most people will know the conventional movements like, Box jumps, step ups and step overs, these are traditionally what people think of when they think of plyo boxes, then they often get combined with another movement like burpees or weighted like dumbbell box step overs.

Unconventional Movements
Although a lot of seasoned gym goers will know of these movements, a large number of people would not think of them.
A plyo box can be used for squat variations, box squats for front and back squats
They can be used for incline and decline push ups, elevated split squats, handstand push up progressions, calf raises, dips, negative step ups and much much more

Plyo boxes are exceptionally versatile and can help vary your training vastly.


Plyo Box Variations

Our plyometric boxes come in a number of variations, each have heights of 20, 24 and 30inch depending on their orientation and each has their own benefits

  • Standard Box, this is made from high grade plywood, it is the most budget option while functionally the same as others it trades some of the extra bells and whistles to offer a more pocket friendly option.
  • Non-Slip Plyo Box, this box includes all the features of the standard box but we use a higher grade plywood with a non-slip coating to help when a bit more grip is needed. In addition these have a different look which is usually more appealing.
  • British Built Plyo Box, this box, as you may guess is produced locally with higher grade british built materials and with highly sustainable wood. With theses boxes we can customise the logos for your home/gym/brand and in some cases we can also customise the size
  • Soft Plyo Box (Heavy), this box looks completely different to the other options, it is essentially a smaller wooden box wrapped in foam and a heavy duty vinyl to help prevent and injuries from missed jumps or scrapes on the box.
  • Soft Plyo Box (Light), this box is a complete redesign from the others and uses a lightweight high density foam right through with a vinyl coating on top, it makes it very easy to transport and again helps provent and scrapes or bangs with its soft construction.

Wooden Plyo Box Specs

3-in-1 height plyometric box. 

  • 20 inch, 24 inch, and 30-inch heights depending on orientation.
  • Flat-pack design with easy assembly
  • solid, reinforced construction, designed to take commercial use

Soft Plyo Box Specs

3-in-1 height plyometric box. 

  • 20 inch, 24 inch, and 30-inch heights depending on orientation.
  • Shipped fully built
  • solid, reinforced construction, designed to take commercial use



We have designed a little workout for you to have a go at.

7 Rounds, Each For Time

12 Cal Concept 2 bike

10 Box Jump Over (24/20in)

30 sce rest

Max effort bike each time

The design of this workout is to go as hard as you can on the bike each time and then straight into the box jumps, each round is for time individually

Good Luck