Kettlebell training has taken the fitness world by storm and can be used to work a complete range of muscles. Kettlebells are one of the simplest and most broadly functional pieces of equipment out there, and at Assassin Goods, we wanted to produce kettlebells with increased durability, grip, and ease of use.

Assassin Competition Kettlebells are top quality and made of a solid piece to ensure they all perform exceptionally and have a long life! The chrome handle ensures a good grip, even after a heavy workout, as well as allowing it to take more of a beating. All colour coding is in line with CrossFit standards to ensure you can tell at a glance what you are picking up!


  • Solid shape for strength
  • Gloss finish for striking looks and easy identification.
  • Embossed weight identification
  • Textured handle for added grip

Benefits of a Kettlebell

  • Workout wherever you are, they require very little space to exercise with and do not require any certain type of flooring
  • Take them with you, due to the small size, simplicity, and durability, you can take them anywhere you go
  • Versatile, when you get into kettlebell training as a sport there are a plethora of movements that can work your entire body to the brink of exhaustion 
  • Single or double… kettlebells are able to be used as a pair or individually meaning if you are starting small you don't need to buy a pair of each of them to get going
  • Simple, kettlebells can be used as complete beginners due to their simplistic movement patterns
  • Complex, as well as simple movements, kettlebells can also be used in complex and difficult movements


We have designed a little kettlebell workout for you to have a go at.

This is a workout to test you, it requires very little space and can be scaled completely to match your current ability and strength.

Simply set a timer and aim to do as many single arm kettlebell snatches as you can. As an added bonus, see if you can do the full 5 minutes without putting the kettlebell down!

Good Luck

Max Effort, For Reps

5 min AMRAP

Score is number of reps completed