This week we are doing something a little bit different, instead of a specific workout style , we will introduce one of the infamous named workouts. With functional fitness and crossfit having repeatable workouts is important to test and judge progress off fitness. There are a number of named workouts from crossfit that are usually easy to remember and used as repeatable workouts.


Today's named workout is called Acid Bath… this workout is appropriately named! 

The Workout,

500m Ski

500m Row

1000m Bike 

(all on Concept 2 machines)

In this workout it is designed to be a full gas effort, you are supposed to give 100%. As the machines are low skill but high workload they are ideal to work hard on because there is less of an issue with form breakdown.

By the end of this workout the buildup of lactic acid in your legs is tremendous and where it gains its name

Let's break it down, 

All of the Concept 2 display the same metrics and are often well know, this makes it a bit easier to know your paces and maximise your effort

  • 500m ski
  • It is easy to start too fast in a workout like this so you should aim to keep a good but achievable pace on the ski to kick the workout off

    • 500m Row

    The transition onto the row can waste time if you are not set up and comfortable getting on and off. Once you are on the rower its time to start ramping up the pace as you are around the middle of the workout, this will start taxing your legs so don't over do it as you need them for the bike.

    • 1000m Bike

    The final part, jump off the rower and straight on the bike, just get pedalling! 1000m is equivalent to the 500m on a ski or rower so it should take a similar time.

    After the bike, good luck with the leg pain!

    Why is it so recognised?

    Acid bath was initially programmed for the 2018 Dubai Fitness Championships and instantly became a classic based on the aftermath where all the athletes were strewn across the floor rolling around… that's a sign of a good workout.

    It is so hard for a few reasons, firstly it is a lactic threshold test essentially, how quick can your body clear the buildup of lactic acid? Once your body gets overwhelmed by lactic acid you get that classic burning sensation, and secondly because it's a race people are willing to blow past their lactic threshold and see how much pain they can endure.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!