Workout 22.3

For Time
21 Pull-ups
42 Double Unders
21 Thrusters (65/95lbs)
18 Chest to Bar
36 Double Unders
18 Thrusters (75/115lbs)
15 Bar Muscle Ups
30 Double Unders
15 Thrusters (85/135lbs)

A warmup can make or break your workout, if you fail to warm up correctly it will let you down when you need it most.

Your priorities should be with your gymnastics and thrusters.
1. Start with a low skill movement for 5-10 minutes to get your heart rate up.
2. Once your heart rate is up and you are feeling a bit warmer, you should look to get your lats and shoulders moving and ready
3. Next you should look to get your pull-ups and do some movement specific work.

Finally…. test your movements and transitions


Pull-Ups/Chest to Bar/Bar Muscle Ups
All these movements are pull and kip based, they will heavily fatigue your lats, shoulders and grip.
Midline capacity in the kip, combined with lat and shoulder movement pattern will greatly determine your efficiency in these movements, think of a smooth consistent movement.
Start steady and build with the pull-ups, don’t look to push too hard too fast with the first set, it will be beneficial to break early and before you need to so that you are less fatigued when you get to the more complex/difficult movements.

Double Unders
Double unders will slightly fatigue your shoulders and grip when combined with the other movements but are designed to get your heart rate up and check your movement.
controlled double unders are good double unders, don’t get frustrated and just keep moving through them.
Aim to go unbroken across all the double unders as they are smallish sets and should be manageable

Thrusters will tax your shoulders and legs mainly, especially when combined with the other movements in this workout.
Stay smooth with your thrusters and take small rests when locked out at the top of the rep. If you can, start your sets with a squat clean to speed up the start of the movement
Don’t try to push too hard at the start, the reps go down but the movement difficulty goes up, if you overdo it at the start you will regret it by the end.

Things To Note
There are no major notes on this workout.

What The Pros Do
The main takeaway from the pro tactic is… unbroken if you are able to, the pros were moving quickly and unbroken to start, knowing that they would still be able to do all the movements by the end.

Depending on your skill level i would aim for a different number of rounds.
A brilliant aim for a beginner would be to attempt this workout without scaling
Aim to get at least one of each of the movements and use it to test your gymnastics
RX Athlete
Complete within the time cap