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The 2022 CrossFit Open kicks off today…

by MICHAEL WALTERS 24 Feb 2022 0 Comments

The 2022 CrossFit Open kicks off today…

Workout 22.1

15 Min AMRAP

3 Wall Walks
12 Dumbbell Snatch (22.5/15kg)
15 Box Overs (24/20inch)

A warmup can make or break your workout, if you fail to warm up correctly it will let you down when you need it most.

Your priorities should be with your shoulders then lower back and legs.
1. Start with a low skill movement for 5-10 minutes to get your heart rate up.
2. once your heart rate is up and you are feeling a bit warmer, you should look to get your shoulders warm, work to get a strong and comfortable overhead position ready for the wall walks.
3. Next you should look to get your lower back moving and ready for your dumbbell snatch.
4.Finally you should get your legs going, its not a heavy movement but you should be ready for a high volume.

Finally…. test your movements and transitions



Wall Walk
Wall walks will heavily fatigue your shoulders, these will be a slow burner and accumulate over time, in addition to this your lower back fatigue may set in from the other movements, keep tight and stay strong
Efficiency on the wall walks will be paramount, they are very easy to get sloppy and inefficient, keep straight arms and make good hand over hand steps
Pacing on the wall walks will make a massive difference on the buildup of fatigue, the aim should be to move swiftly and controlled on the way up and spend as little time at the top, excessive time at the top will add to your shoulder fatigue and risk blowing up later on.

Dumbbell Snatch
Dumbbell snatch will primarily tax your lower back but shoulders may also feel the burn from the wall walks
Dumbbell snatches are a very common movement now so most people will be comfortable with switching hands mid air but if you haven’t mastered this yet i would advise really working on it, it is the best bang for your buck when looking to save time. Keep smooth and steady away.
Pacing on the dumbbell snatch should be steady away and look to go unbroken, 12 reps should be a reasonable number to do unbroken, if you need to move slower to stay unbroken, it will be worth it.

Box Jump Over
Box Jump overs will primarily be legs, the accumulation of jumps over the 15minutes will catch up and you will feel the burn, in addition if you stay low on the box you will feel it in your lower back and glutes.
Efficiency will be key to the box jump overs, any excess steps or movement will build up and not only waste time but also energy, jump up, turn and step down then straight back up, you should aim to make as few steps as possible.
Slow and steady, a combo of steady movement and efficient movement will work best, if you start to fast you will pay for it by the end.



Things To Note
There are a few things to note for the movements this year.
Wall walks, there is a specific standard, make sure you have the correct standards and test them before the workout, you don’t want to be getting no reps or worse… having to redo the full workout.
Box Jump Overs, these have an all new standard, you have to step off the box rather then jumping and rebounding, practice this and make sure you don’t forget!!!



What The Pros Do
The main takeaway from the pro tactic is… slow and steady wins the race! start at a pace you can maintain, if you start too fast it will catch up on you fast and once you blow up you will slow down.
With the movements, the wall walks were smooth and in as few steps as possible, the dumbbell snatches were fast but controlled, make sure you breath, and the box jump overs were controlled, staying low and efficient.



Depending on your skill level i would aim for a different number of rounds.
A brilliant aim for a beginner would be to do this workout without scaling
8+ Rounds
RX Athlete
10+ Rounds

930 x 520px


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