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Ullswater Lake Cruiser Paddleboard

by Adam Roberts 22 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Product Spotlight 

The Ullswater Lake Cruiser Paddle Board features a stunning picture, drawn by a local artist. It depicts The Duke of Portland Boathouse, one of the most iconic views across Ullswater Lake, Cumbria, Lake District National Park.

 Our Assassin ISUP Board is designed with 2 layers, the inside layer is made of super-strong, super-durable 1000D PVC, the outer layer is made from vibrant PVC with an HD pattern covering the full board. We would recommend using a clear urethane/acrylic lacquer or liquid rubber coating to add an extra layer of protection if preferred, to help minimize superficial marks.


- Stunning, eye-catching artwork 

- Super stable and versatile platform at 10ft 6in x 32in x 6in (320x81x15cm)

- 1000D dual-layered military-grade laminated PVC shell

- Triple-Action Pump - Fast inflate, high pressure inflate, vacuum deflate

- Kayak Conversion kit

- Dual luggage areas and reinforced D-rings 

- Heavy-duty drop stitch to enable max pressures of 28psi (Recommended 15-22psi)

- Removable rear fin for easy storage and versatility

- Large internal volume of 0.4 m³,

- High carrying load of 225kg (UDL at 22psi)

- Board weight, 10.5kg, the total weight with all accessories, 13kg


 Paddleboard Setup and Packing Guide

Unpack And Unroll

  • Unpack your board, pump, fin, paddle and ankle leash, lay them out in order ready to use.
  • Undo the strap and unroll your board on a flat, soft area of ground (Grass or Sand is ideal)

Connect The Pump And Inflate

  • Connect the hose to the pump at the top on the handle, ensure the dual action valve is closed (near the top of the pump) and connect the pump to the board (ensure the board valve is shut)
  • For the initial part of the inflation use the pump in dual mode (inflates on both push and pull), when pumping becomes difficult open the dual pump valve (the twist valve at the top of the pump), this switches to single action (only pump on the downward motion). At the same time you switch to single action, connect the fin by sliding it into the slot at the back on the underside. Continue with single action until you get to your desired pressure (see pressure table)

Assemble The Paddle, Attach The Ankle Leash And Check Everything Is Set Correct

  • Assemble your paddle by connecting the paddle, main shaft and the handle together setting the paddle length that suits you best. If at this stage you want the paddle to be held securely, undo the clamp and rotate clockwise to tighten (there is a small image to show the directions on the clamp)
  • Attach the ankle leash to the safety loop next to the valve
  • Most important step is to check all of your gear and make sure everything is set up correctly and safely

Have Fun

  • Get out on the water and have fun on your board. Be careful on the water and take any safety precautions necessary, look out for anyone around you

Clean Down

  • When you exit the water you should always clean down your board to avoid any build up of mould or bacteria
  • Cleaning down the board ensures that you do not contaminate any lake/water by carrying bacteria from one to the next
  • Cleaning down the board also helps improve the life of the board

Release The Pressure And Remove All The Air

  • To release the pressure, undo the valve cover and press the valve release. Caution with this stage as the board is under pressure and this will release the pressure very quickly to start, do not hold anything over the valve and do not look directly into the valve!
  • Once the pressure has released, remove the fin from underneath and compress the board to remove most of the air.
  • Once you have removed most of the air, close the valve and swap the pump to draw air out (the pipe attaches to the bottom of the pump). Connect it to the board and pump all the air out 

Roll up tight and Pack up

  • To best fit all the contents back into the bag, roll the board up as tight as possible starting from the nose. Once it is rolled up, use the supplied strap to hold it tight together
  • Take your paddle apart, collect all your items together and carefully pack your items, starting with the board.

 Kayak Seat Setup Guide

Step 1

Unroll and inflate your board, and unpack your kayak seat

Step 2

Place the kayak seat in the center of the board and in the middle of the 4 kayak anchor points

Step 3

Adjust the straps on the kayak seat to the length shown in the picture, so the seat sits in the middle of the board and pulls evenly against the D-rings through the center

Step 4

Cut any excess strap off the seat to finish with a neat end

Please ensure the straps have even tension and pull straight on the D-ring as shown.

Rental Costs and Link

Collection and Returns

These boards are collected from our base in Penrith between the hours of 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday, excluding bank holidays. Collection/Return outside of these times may incur extra charges!

Upon safe return of the undamaged board, your deposit will be fully refunded 


Booking a board for more than 1 consecutive day will enable you to get a discounted day rate

1 day - £40 per day

2-3 days - £30 per day

4-6 days - £20 per day

7+ days - £16 per day

 For bulk rental and long term rental please contact us directly

Buying Costs and Link

Was £510, now only £304.99



930 x 520px


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